Denmark's most famous and recognized classic guitar virtuoso.


As a soloist, Kaare Norge has held the crowds spellbound for many decades now, from all walks of life and all ages. This has made Kaare Norge a sought-after instrumentalist who truly masters repertoires ranging right from the great composers such as Bach, Mozart, Chopin, to the more popular melodies from near and far countries, to great names like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, just to name a few ...



As a composer, Kaare has also made his mark with the title melody "Homage to Life" - originally written for the DR TV Program "En naturlig forklaring" (A Natural Explanation), with host Poul Thomsen in 1992.



In recent years the compositions have mostly been for solo guitar, such as the Spanish dance "Danza la Primavera" but also, for example, the song "Når du forlader mig" (When You Leave Me) for guitar and vocalist, with lyrics by Tove Ditlevsen.



The  highly praised album, "The Song The Melody - Carl Nielsen", with Kaare's own solo arrangements of 14 of Carl Nielsen' songs, comprises his latest album (2015).


"With his marked empathy and his own beautiful arrangements of Carl Nielsen's melodies, Kaare Norge's new album gives great credit to one of Denmark's greatest composers." - Rachel Einarsson, Jyllands-Posten.



"You'll find no guitar pyrotechnics here (though the playing is truly stellar throughout); rather the mood is largely sweet and serene with only occasional forays into slightly darker contemplative spaces. This is spiritual music, quietly uplifting, truly soul-restoring, beautifully played and timeless." - Blair Jackson, Classical Guitar Magazine



Kaare Norge has released 23 cd albums, received 4 gold certifications and one platinum certification .



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